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The thrilling conclusion to the Dark Apostle series will arrive February 6, 2018!

Elisha Daemon - Book 5 of the Dark Apostle Series

Elisha Mancer Cover Reveal

Yes, it’s finally here–the day we can share the amazing new cover art, by Cliff Nielsen, for Elisha Mancer, book 4 in the Dark Apostle series. This volume takes Elisha to the Continent to track down his enemies before they can undermine the Holy Roman Empire, and the Holy Church itself!

Elisha Mancer by E.C. Ambrose

New Events Posted

Check the Calendar for updated events, readings and workshops! Elisha Rex launches on July 7th and E.C. Ambrose will be at several upcoming events.

Save the Dates: Elisha Rex Readings & Signings for 2015

The Grail Maiden – a new eBook in The Dark Apostle series

The Grail Maiden - an eBook novella in The Dark Apostle series

1307, Carlisle, England

Young Allyson is the first to hear of the death of King Edward II during a battle with the Scots—but cannot reveal her knowledge lest she be exposed as a witch.

When the man she loves, a Templar, returns from France with news of the disbanding of his order and the arrest of its leaders, she realizes that the heir to England might well betray the Templars to his own advantage. She must turn for aid to the one man she dare not trust: her own husband.

Each of them holds a secret that will change the lives of the others as they work to prevent the war with Scotland from becoming the ruin of them all.

Characters you thought you knew, history you’d never suspect.

Buy this new novella and learn more about the early relationship of some key characters in The Dark Apostle series.

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Book Three Launch Announced

Set your calendars because July 7th is the official launch date for Elisha Rex, Book Three in The Dark Apostle series. Pre-order your copy and don’t forget to check in with the E.C. Ambrose blog. Book signings and launch events will be posted soon.

Elisha Rex from E.C. Ambrose - The Dark Apostle

“Blending magic and history, strong characters and gripping action, E. C. Ambrose brings a startlingly unique voice to our genre.”
—D. B. Jackson, author of Thieftaker

Elisha was once a lowly barber-surgeon, cutting hair and stitching wounds for poor peasants like himself in 14th century London. But that was before: before he was falsely accused of murder, and sent to die in an unjust war. Before he discovered his potential for a singularly deadly magic. Before he was forced to embrace his gifts and end the war…by using his newfound abilities to kill the tyrannical king.

So who is Elisha now? The beautiful witch Brigit, his former mentor, claims him for the magi, all those who have grasped the secrets of affinity and knowledge to manipulate mind and matter, and who are persecuted for it. Duke Randall, the man who first rose against the mad King Hugh, has accepted him as a comrade and ally in the perilous schemes of the nobility. Somehow, he has even become a friend to Thomas, both the rightful king and, something finer, a good man.

But there is another force at work in the world, a shadowy cabal beyond the might of kings and nobles, that sees its opportunity in the chaos of war and political turmoil—and sees its mirror in Elisha’s indivisible connection with Death. For these necromancers, Elisha is the ultimate prize, and the perfect tool.

When the necromancers’ secret plans begin to bear black fruit and King Thomas goes missing, England teeters on the brink of a hellish anarchy that could make the previous war look like a pleasant memory. Elisha may be the only man who can stop it. But if he steps forward and takes on the authority he is offered to save his nation, is he playing right into the mancers’ hands?

Why does it seem like his enemies are the ones most keen to call him Elisha Rex?

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You can also download the web exclusive novel, Darkseeing Stars, inspired by the mythic fantasy exemplified by The Dark Crystal.



“Riverweave” is a tale of slavery, elves and weaving, up at Steve Miller and Sharon Lee’s Splinter Universe website. Read the story, then choose your donation amount. And while you’re there, check out Steve and Sharon’s excellent Liaden Universe stories and books, plus stories by their other guest authors.


Fireside Fiction


“Carver,” in the latest issue of Fireside magazine. This highly respected online magazine publishes some great stories, often by newer writers, and is supported via Kickstarter.

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The Darkseeing Stars by E.C. Ambrose

When a Skeksis enjoys Hali’s song, the Gathering casts her out with the mad traitor, Aishynn, to die in the Crystal Sea. But the madman knows the path to the legendary Horn of Thunder which could enable the Gelflings to defeat their oppressors. Following the stars by sandship and batwing, from the secret halls of the Grottan to Aughra’s observatory, the Gelflings move between darkness and light, never knowing they will not be redeemed alone.

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E.C. Ambrose reading at the World Fantasy Convention

Join us in Brighton, UK at the 2013 World Fantasy Convention.

World Fantasy Convention 2013E.C. Ambrose will be reading on November 3, 2013 at noon so check the programming schedule and, if you are in Brighton, come out to show your support for Elisha Barber.

World Fantasy Convention
Kings Road, East Sussex
Brighton, BN1 2FU, United Kingdom
World Fantasy Convention Website

Medieval Faire at the Toadstool Bookshop

MILFORD: On August 17, from 1 to 5 pm, the Toadstool Bookshop at Lorden Plaza partners with author E. C. Ambrose and the Society for Creative Anachronism in presenting a medieval faire to celebrate historical fantasy novel, Elisha Barber.

The author will appear in the garb of a 14th century barber-surgeon, complete with replica surgical instruments to talk about medical techniques during the Middle Ages. Members of the Barony of Stonemarche, the local branch of the recreation group, the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) will demonstrate a variety of arts and sciences, music and armored combat.

All are invited to step back in time and learn more about this dynamic period! Come in costume for a chance to win the Elisha Barber audio book! Contact: 673-1734

The Dark Apostle is now available

Elisha Barber hits the bookshelves!

Protagonist Elisha, a Barber-surgeon, stands in the ruined church

Cover image for Elisha Barber, from DAW Books, cover by Cliff Nielsen

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I hope to see some of you in New York tonight at the New York Review of Science Fiction Reading series, featuring myself and Kate Elliott!  Reading starts at 7 pm at the SoHo Gallery of Digital Art.

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